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No goal, no win without a good horse, which stops, turns and starts quickly to make the best possible play for the rider. Schockemöhle Polo Stud provides the best conditions for breeding four-legged top athletes. Schockemöhle Polo Stud offers the widest choice of Polo Argentino stallions in Europe with the best possible bloodlines like Sportivo, Ellerstina Picaro, Open Chimento and so on. The offspring of our stallions are all registered as Polo Argentino, DNA-tested and chipped. All breeding activities are under the Stud Terms & Conditions of the Schockemöhle Polo Stud.


Taita Nissan

Reserve Champion of the two year old horses at „Rural de Palermo 2016“

Taita Nissan was bred at the stud Los Pingos del Taita in Argentina. His mother Dolfina Frontier is a daugther of Dolfina Lapa. Dolfina Lapa is like Dolfina Cuartetera one of the best mares of Adolfo Cambiaso (+10). Dolfina Lapa got cloned. The clones gave their debut at the Tortugas Open 2016.

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DS Meteoro

DS Meteoro, who combines the best bloodlines of Ellerstina and La Dolfina, was born in Argentina at the stud Doña Sofia. Due to the selection of excellent bloodlines and innovative pairings fulminant breeding results have been achieved there in recent years. The horses of Doña Sofia are played by the world's best players including Adolfo Cambiaso (+10), Guillermo "Sapo" Caset Jr. (+10), Juan Martin Nero (+10) and Gonzalo Pieres Jr. (+10).

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Gete Rubi

Gete Rubi was played in Argentina by none other than the 10-goaler David Sterling. He played the black stallion at major tournaments such as the Camera of Disputados. Descendants of Gete Rubi were auctioned at Heguy Polo Horse Auction in Argentina.

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Don Ercole Imperial

Don Ercole Imperial was born in Argentina at the stud Don Ercole of Matias Magrini. His father Open Schevchenco was bred at the famous stud Ellerstina operated for decades by the unreached family Pieres. Father of Open Schevchenco is the unique stallion Open Sunset. Don Ercole Imperials mother Medalla was played by 10-goaler Carlos Gracida in all the major international tournaments in Argentina.

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Foals 2016



Embryo Tranfser (ET)

Breed from your mare while she is still competing! Embryo Transfer allows one to breed from a competing mare without interrupting her competition schedule. The method is successfully used in Polo by La Dolfina and Ellerstina in Argentina for many years now. Embryo Transfer also allows a breeder to produce more than one foal from a mare in one breeding season; these multiple offspring can be by the same or different stallions. Embryo Transfer is also used in mares that are considered too old to carry a pregnancy themselves or too valuable to undergo the risks of pregnancy and foaling. For more information contact us.



Operating from the very heart of the “Oldenburger Münsterland“, the Schockemöhle Polo Stud offers the ultimate environment to master the magnificent sport of polo. We offer lessons, training days, instructional chukkas and tournaments in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, benefitting from world-class facilities in an incomparable setting. Two polo fields and an indoor arena guarantee horses and riders optimal conditions. Unique in Europe is our roofed, more than one kilometer long exercise track, which allows a weather independent training at any time of the year. At Schockemöhle Polo Stud we supply a range of options from stable rental to full livery, a polo management service, breeding, selling and rental of horses, organising polo professionals, grooms and tournaments, to the day to day care of your horses and polo. Please contact us for further information.


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